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Someone has sent you a ghost!



Meet Our Ghosts:

Some are Good and some are Evil!



Freida Freida

Frieda is the ghost of friendship.   If you have been sent Frieda it means that somebody thinks you are a true and loyal friend.




Greg NGreg

Greg is the ghost of greatfulness.   If you have been sent Greg you are being thanked for a kind deed you have done for someone.




Reese  Reese

Reese is the ghost of Respect.  If you have been sent Reese it means that you are really respected and somebody out there really looks up to you.




Damion Damion

Damion is the ghost of Hate.  If you have been sent Damion, I feel sorry for you and you should sleep with one eye open tonight!




Pepper  Pepper

Pepper is the ghost of Excitement.   If you have been sent Pepper be ready for something very exciting to happen to you tonight.




Lolita    Lolita

Lolita is the ghost of Love!  If you have been sent Lolita it means that somebody really loves you.




Barney Barney

Barney is the ghost of large fat Dinosaurs.  You must be a real weirdo if someone sent you Barney!




Connie Connie

Connie is the ghost of Condolences.   If you have been sent Connie it means that someone is truly sorry for what they did to you and is asking for your forgiveness.




Danny Danny

Danny is the ghost of Distance.   Somebody out there really misses you bad if you have been sent Danny.




Happy  Happy

Happy is the ghost of Birthdays.   If you were sent Happy somebody is wishing you the best birthday ever!  And one to grow on!




Goober Goober

Goober is the ghost of Greed.  You have done something  very selfish and should be ashamed of yourself if somebody sent you Goober!






Torie is the ghost of THE TOTAL PACKAGE.   If you have been sent Torie that means that somebody thinks you are the essence of Perfection!  It is a huge honor to have Torie sent to you, Congrats!!



Send Someone You Love or Hate A Ghost!!

Review our Ghosts and remember the name of the Ghost you want to send.

When you click on the button below it will prompt a Mailbits form to open.

Make sure you include the name of the Ghost you are sending in the message box!


Freida Freida   Greg NGreg    Reese  Reese


Damion Damion   Pepper  Pepper    Lolita   Lolita


Barney Barney   Connie Connie   Danny Danny


 Happy  Happy     Goober Goober     TorieTorie